Updated guidelines from the European Commission have outlined the future for CBD extracts. In line with Labocan’s vision, they consider CBD and its derivatives (organic and synthetic) a novel food. Labocan remains one of only three producers who’ve successfully applied for novel food status, leading the way for safe, authorised CBD products.

Cutting-edge development you can trust—Novel Food CBD at Labocan

Labocan is Europe’s leading provider of private and white-label CBD oils, cosmetics, supplements, and raw materials. With state-of-the-art facilities and the best minds in the industry, we’re committed to producing cannabinoid extracts and raw materials you can trust.

Our dedication to transparent business practices and market-leading extracts is also why Labocan is one of three manufacturers to successfully apply for Novel Food status. Not only are we confident in the standard of our white-label ranges, but we have the experience and resources to prove to the European Commission that our CBD is safe to use.

This development goes hand-in-hand with Labocan’s vision for the future. With CBD and its derivatives classed as a novel food, updated regulations will bring an unprecedented level of standardisation to the industry—a standard that Labocan is not only equipped to meet, but actively contributes to.

What Novel Food status means for the CBD industry

Novel Food status is not just about the reclassification of CBD, but a way to validate the entire industry. Gaining this approval significantly reduces the risk of low-quality CBD products flooding the market. Instead, businesses can use the status to clearly distinguish trustworthy CBD producers.

The underlying principles of novel foods dictate that a product must be:

• Safe for use
• Adequately labelled
• Fit for purpose

With a clear mandate, manufacturers can continue to realise the full potential of cannabinoid-based extracts—a benefit that extends to both the CBD industry and the raw materials found in the dermo-cosmetics, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical business sectors.

Labocan: Leading the way for safe, authorised CBD products

Novel Food approval is the missing step CBD producers need to put safe CBD products on the market—and Labocan is leading the charge with its application to prove that their CBD products stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny. It shows Labocan is a brand that puts quality, safety and standardisation of its products above all else.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of cannabinoids and their ability to transform the lives of consumers from all walks of life. With our white-label CBD products and raw materials—and our pending successful Novel Food status application—you can build a brand consumers can trust.

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