Trust in the industry’s most extensive white-label CBD programme. Labocan delivers unrivalled quality, consistency, and compliance with a full lineup of white-label CBD oils, cosmetics, additives, raw materials, and more.



All of our full-spectrum CBD oils are free from additives, GMOs, and unwanted chemicals. Using sophisticated CO₂ extraction, the entire selection is available in a range of concentrations and carrier oils to suit your needs.

CBD Additives


By synergising CBD with a diverse selection of vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients, CBD additives provide a comprehensive approach to well-being. Choose from an innovative range of easy-to-use formulas in a variety of concentrations.

CBD Cosmetics

CBD Cosmetics

Support and enhance the skin’s protective and restorative qualities with CBD cosmetics. Synthetic CBD isolate is 100% identical to hemp-derived CBD, while also offering outstanding scalability and skincare solutions for all occasions.

CBD Bulk

Fully customisable, our CBD bulk programme provides large quantities of CBD oil and CBD softgels in concentrations to suit your business. Choose from a complete selection of concentrations and carrier oils, or contact our sales team for bespoke solutions.

Europe’s most trusted brands Work directly with Labocan’s research and development team to join Europe’s most trusted brands in developing new and unique private label CBD products. Or, enhance existing product ranges with pure, high-quality CBD. No matter your brand, scale, or requirements—we have the expertise to help.


Natural Isolates

Natural isolates are free from THC, and FSSC22000 certified, for a pure CBD experience. Choose from CBD isolates or water soluble CBD isolates and revolutionise your brand with the power of CBD.

Synthetic Isolates

Through industry-leading innovation, our synthetic CBD isolates are identical to hemp-derived CBD in every way. Choose 100% compliant, easily scalable synthetic CBD, and join Labocan in building revolutionary partnerships.

Hemp extract

Expertly extracted in our pharmaceutical-grade laboratory, full-spectrum hemp extract is the cornerstone of the wellness industry. Purified, tested, and packed with active CBD and natural terpenes, you choose the ratios—we’ll do the rest.


Cannabinoids represent a vast and currently untapped source of potential in business sectors such as food, wellness, health, and beauty. With our Swiss-based laboratory and dedicated research team, together, we can help you uncover their true power.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Labocan, developing new and unique cannabinoid-based solutions. Shape the future of CBD-enhanced industries with natural hemp extract, synthetic CBD, or dozens of diverse non-psychotropic cannabinoids.


With state of the art equipment and cutting-edge facilities, Labocan produces the highest-quality products and raw materials without sacrificing purity. Stay at the forefront of cannabinoid solutions with our expertise.


Whether it’s bottling, labelling, or packaging, Labocan provides a one-stop solution for CBD-based products, branding, and advertising. Speak to us about your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.